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Welcome to The South African Venous Form

The South African Venous Forum (SAVF) is a platform designed for improving care of patients in South Africa. This platform is made available to the public to be educated in the various vascular diseases, their treatments and preventative measures that can be taken. Education is key to your vascular health. Stay informed.
The South African Venous Forum (SAVF) is dedicated to improving the care of patients with Vascular Disease and to fosters cutting edge research and clinical innovation and educate health care professionals, patients and policy makers alike about vascular disease, its causes, preventative measures as well as various treatments for the most common vascular ailments.
Membership is open to medical fraternity who want to be informed of latest technologies available as well as share their insight and learnings and feedback in this field. Membership is free, please complete a membership application form to become a member.

  • DVD – Deep Vein Disease
  • DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • SVI – Superficial venous insufficiency
"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."- "Dr. Jonathan Gobi"